Counterframes for sliding pocket door

ECLISSE Sliding Pocket Door Systems

Sliding pocket door systems can be installed throughout the home and ensure that waste of space is reduced to zero and new volume is available for furnishing and living.
It is estimated that in an average home, the use of sliding pocket doors frees up more than 8% of the overall footprint. Whether it is a new construction or a renovation project, this is a modern and smart way to utilize space.

ECLISSE manufactures different types of counterframes, for different functional and stylistic needs, while the door panel is optional so you are free to use a door of your choice, or even reuse one you alrady have!


How to choose a sliding pocket door?

The jambs and architraves are the elements that cover the wall edges around the doorway. In traditional doors, they normally protrude from the door and the walls around the door panel. If instead there is no edgings, we refer to modern flush-to-the-wall doors, without jambs and architraves. Each of these solutions requires a specific counterframe.


Sliding pocket door systems with jambs

Detail of a pocket door systems with jambs
from the ECLISSE Classic Collection


Sliding pocket door systems without jambs

Detail of a pocket door systems without jambs
from the ECLISSE Syntesis Collection



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ECLISSE Sliding and Hinged Door Frames for US Standards


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ECLISSE Classic Collection

The most comprehensive and versatile range of pocket door frames that stand out because the doors have protruding jambs and finishes compared to the wall. Functional and spacesaving solutions, or dramatic and ideal for large openings.

These frames can accommodate single-leaf pocket doors (ECLISSE Single) or double-leaf pocket doors (ECLISSE Double), with provisions for electrical wiring (ECLISSE Luce), telescopic doors (ECLISSE Telescopic), curved doors (ECLISSE Circular) or enter two separate rooms with the footprint of a single systems (ECLISSE Unilateral).

Counterframe for sliding pocket door with jambs

ECLISSE sliding pocket door with jambs

Sliding pocket door for en-suite bathrooms
Sliding pocket door
Glass pocket door



ECLISSE Syntesis Collection

A collection that includes door frames for flush mounted sliding pocket doors (ECLISSE Syntesis Slide) perfectly integrated into the wall, almost invisible, even with wiring provisions (ECLISSE Syntesis Luce).
The absence of jambs surrounding the doorway allow the door to disappear inside the wall once it is open, giving a completely free passage as if the door had never been there.

Counterframe for sliding pocket door without jambs

ECLISSE flush sliding pocket door

Flush sliding pocket door for wide openings
Flush sliding pocket door
Flush sliding pocket door
Glass pocket door with minimalist design
Glass pocket double door
Flush sliding pocket door



The details that make the difference

Technical details, mechanisms and accessories are designed to meet the needs of the installer, while giving the final user the certainty of high performance over time. ECLISSE has over 40 exclusive patents to ensure a workmanlike installation, as well as a series of laboratory tests that certify the value of our insights. The job becomes much easier and the result is always as expected, even when the conditions on site are not optimal.

Resin-coated profiles for pocket door systems

Resin-coated profiles

Thanks to the absence of jambs framing the perimeter of the passageway, sliding pocket door systems of the ECLISSE Syntesis Collection allow for a clean passage when open, as if the door had never been there.

This effect is made possible by the resin-coated profiles that form the perimeter of the doorway: their graininess aid the adhesion of the final finishing layer and ensures the uniformity of the coating.


Luce System

A technology developed by ECLISSE, the Luce System was the first sliding pocket door system to allow the installation of light fittings, switches and sockets on the same part of the wall that hosts it.

Combining aesthetics with practicality, the frame is designed for fixing cables and electrical boxes directly on the designated duct, inside the pocket. The wall that hosts the pocket door system thus becomes available for illumination and (most importantly) switches, which can be placed right next to the doorway.

Wiring-ready sliding pocket door systems


Flush hinged door frame

Flush-to-wall hinged door

Complementary to the sliding pocket solution, ECLISSE Syntesis Swing is the hinged door completely flush with the wall. Just like sliding models, the frame is primer-coated, ready to be painted in the same color as the wall or decorated in the same way. The door panel is also ready to be painted or covered with wallpaper, for a total invisibility effect of the door system.

The door seems to open directly onto the wall, with no visible frame or hardware.


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