Moving towards perfection

The history of ECLISSE started in the 1960s when a metal carpentry workshop started to specialize in counterframes for sliding pocket doors and windows.  The history of ECLISSE officially begins on January 10th, 1989, the date on which Luigi De Faveri established the company. The entrepreneurial project has provided over the years a continuous research of advanced industrial systems and allowed the company to compete in a highly selective market.

In the 1990s, the activity of ECLISSE develops through the initiative and continued commitment to research and innovation, as well as the synergy of people deeply involved in the realization of the same project. The expansion of models and the selection of works performed, combined with the ability to innovate products and processes, lead to progressive and encouraging development in the Italian market and abroad.

Today ECLISSE is a leading brand in the production of counterframes for sliding pocket doors and windows, it can produce 1300 frames per day and has more than 30 representative agencies, 2000 distributors in Italy, 10 subsidiary companies and more than 20 distributors in the world.

Details make the difference

The technology for the most advanced sliding pocket door systems. Discover how ECLISSE (re)invented the counterframe.

The quality of ECLISSE products is gathered during the installation and everyday use, but it's the details that make the difference, because the design ensuring an easy installation, the perfection of the mechanisms and the excellent aesthetic will be appreciated just looking at the product closely.

ECLISSE products are unique because they are the sum of pefect technical details with painstaking care with an only purpose: to hide the door!

Technical insight: the frame for sliding pocket door systems

ECLISSE extractable track

1. Track (fully extractable) - PATENTED

What happens if the track becomes dirty or wear over time compromising the sliding of the door? Do I have to pull down the wall? Of course not!

ECLISSE looked further and invented the system that allows you to easily extract the rail where the door slides, to clean it or install equipment at a later date. Also you can move the door stopper into the desired position, so you can decide how much the door hides inside the wall. For safety reasons, we makes the door to protrude by 3".

open structure fot stud wall

2. Open structure for stud wall

The studwork that supports a wall or partition is an open structure. Why should the counterframe be different?
We looked inside the finished wall and we designed an ad hoc counterframe that is different from the traditional metal sheet pocket

When you screw a metal surface to a frame structure, this tends to bend dangerously reducing the pocket's internal passage and posing the risk of scratching and damaging the door too.
With our stud wall systems, there is no such risk thanks to the anti-flexion dove-tail shaped horizontal bars designed not to bend when fixing the plasterboard layers.
They are also pre-drilled to ease the screwing.

Self centring door guide

3. Self-centring door guide

“Why is it important that the guide is perfectly in the middle?”

The guide is not fixed to the floor, but directly behind the counterframe with two screws, without having tto take any measure: this is called self-centering. Thus possible errors in measurements can be avoided and you are not even going to ruin the floor puncturing it.

The perfect centering ensures that the door runs always in the middle of the counterframe, without the risk of touching the structure.


4. Runners - CERTIFIED

The important thing is the duration in time. 

Our 220 and 330 lbs sliding carriages are tested by CSI, IMQ group: after 100,000 opening-closing cycles they still respond perfectly. Translated into time, it is equivalent to about 30 years of peace (UNI EN 1670).

P.S: a wooden door 30"x80" weighs less than 55 lbs on average, with the same dimension, a glass door weights less than 95 lbs.

electrical box

5. ECLISSE Luce system - PATENTED

“How do I install electrical boxes on the wall where there is a counterframe?”

We were the first to think of electricians inventing the system that not only allows to enter directly into the counterframes lights, but to pass the wiring inside our structure.

So we also make happy electricians!

Looking further

Looking Further

Our responsibility towards you

“Looking Further” is the reflection of our philosophy: a promise that we repeat every day, a commitment to see what others do not see, the meticulous attention to detail, a willingness to take nothing for granted. The synthesis of our work, what makes us different.

Who works in ECLISSE knows the importance of evaluation of the customer and his needs. Success is achieved more easily with a close-knit talented team, cohesive and who thinks in the same way.

Moving towards perfection

Counterframes designed to work at the best

We strongly believe in the superior quality of our products and our objective is to develop and produce counterframes that are innovative, sturdy, easy to install and inspected. Our ambition is to revolutionize the concept of counterframe for sliding pocket door systems. We want to be the answer to every functional and space needs, constantly innovating our systems through practical and design solutions.

horizontal bars

What we do

Our production

The counterframes for sliding pocket door systems and the frames for flush hinged doors are made to be placed inside the wall and allow the door to slide and guarantee that they are perfectly flush with the wall.

A counterframe, once posed, it becomes part of the wall, but at the same time it must allow for a door to slide properly inside. And also a frame for flush doors must be resistant, and perfect, so that the hinged door can be closed in line with the wall.

How we do that

Our way of thinking

We started by listening to users and installers, with the aim of developing new ideas and excellent solutions. After 25 years and more than 40 patents on the product we have not yet ceased to perfect ourselves. 

Our goal is to ensure the guarantee of a reliable, robust and cutting edge product for those who choose ECLISSE. We put our heart and also the face. 

Only those who choose ECLISSE chooses to have perfect performance, no surprises and no compromises.

We stand up for

Constant research and development

ECLISSE considers essential to pursue the satisfaction of its customers, employees and all stakeholders who come into contact with the company through continuous improvement of business processes, the protection of health and safety of persons at the workplace and act responsibly and in a manner socially sustainable for the environment. 

For years, ECLISSE continues its commitment through the achievement of important awards and certifications internationally recognized in the field of quality, safety and environmental responsibility. 



Product certifications

A dynamic impact resistance test in a pocket door 40" x 84" has been made that simulates the strongest chargers with a 65 lbs bag.

Sliding runners durability test according the UNI EN 1527 norm. ECLISSE sliding runners did not endure any alteration after 100,000 opening/closing cycles. In addition, the carriages obtained the maximun level of corrosion resistance (grade 4) after 240 hours in salt spray.