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Our reason why

Acoustic pocket doors

Room for silence

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Pocket door hardware


Classic Collection - sliding pocket frames for doors with jambs (architraves)

Classic Collection

Space saving ideas or wide opening with jambs and architraves.

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Syntesis Collection - sliding pocket door frames for door without jambs (no architraves)

Syntesis Collection

Systems for a minimalist style. Discover Syntesis Collection.

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accessories for pocket door ECLISSE


Doors, devices and handles dedicated to complete a pocket door system.

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catalogue, technical document, dwg and bim for ECLISSE pocket door frames


Look how we can integrate different solutions in your home.

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Resin coated profiles and pre-drilled reinforcing horizontal bars

Details that make a difference

The resin-coated profiles of Syntesis pocket doors and the pre-drilled reinforcing horizontal bars (Patented No. US 11,499,309 - Patented No. US 11,761,202) of all our frames are just a couple of the innovations that make our products unique.

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Main projects featuring ECLISSE products


Since 1989, ECLISSE has been designing and manufacturing sliding pocket door systems, flush hinged doors, wall panels, trapdoors and accessories for private and commercial use.

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Choosing the right pocket door

Choose the right size

We offer a wide range of solutions for sliding and hinged doors.
To help you navigate and find the right solution for your project, here you will find a handy guide to learn how to how to calculate the correct size of your frame.

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Different systems for your business and your needs.

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Size Guide

A wide range of systems.
Find your best pocket door.

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Installation Instruction

How to install a pocket door.

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Video Tutorials

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ECLISSE, 30+ years of daily innovation


Innovation is expressed in little things, very often it is invisible but it is always very concrete, it translates into a practical advantage for designers, installers and end users. Innovation for ECLISSE has these characteristics, it comes from daily work, from the ingenious idea of the counterframe, a metal structure that solves space problems, to the study of countless technical details that have allowed us to develop exclusive solutions to meet every space and need.

It is not easy to show something that must be hidden, it is not easy to give value to an element that disappears, to make people perceive how much technology and innovation is behind a system that cannot be seen. We need to tell the details that make the difference, we need to show designs and realizations that describe the versatility and flexibility of our solutions.
But above all, it is necessary to know how to solve problems, the real ones, the ones related to design, construction site, installation up to daily use today, tomorrow, always.

Since January 10, 1989, ECLISSE has been manufacturing counterframes for sliding pocket doors that allow the door to slide and disappear inside the wall. Thanks to the counterframe, the door does not create or encounter any obstacles when opening and is free to slide without occupying the space usually taken up by the opening of a hinged door. ECLISSE research has led to the development of counterframes for pocket doors specific to any construction system, both for masonry and plasterboard walls, and exclusive patents such as the Luce system, an idea that allows for switches and light points near the doorway.

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