soft closer

Soft close with anti-slam

Bi-directional soft closer

Bi-directional soft close
with anti-slam

ADA Compliant Soft Close

ECLISSE Anti Slam - HD 
ADA Compliant Soft Closer 

soft close for wooden doors

Rallenty Soft
Soft Closing kit for wooden doors

door self closing

Self closing system
The door closes itself automatically

doors synchronization

Telescopic Synchronization
Open and close the doors simultaneously

Co-ordination for doors with jambs

Double door co-ordination
Co-ordination Kit for Double Door System

Co-ordination for two parallel doors without jambs

Co-ordination kit for Syntesis®
Synchronization for two parallel doors without jambs

Brackets and clamps for glass doors with jambs

Brackets and clamps
For glass doors with jambs

Brackets, clamps and vitro for glass doors without jambs

Brackets, clamps and vitro
For glass doors without jambs

security profile

Anti-Warp profile
Smoothness and fluidity guaranteed

push pull system

Accessory push-pull for sliding pocket door

door closer for hinged doors

Door closer
It allows the hinged door to close automatically

Jamb Kit



Jamb Kit
Components for interior and exterior covering

Lock kits and handles


handles for wooden doors with jambs

Wood kit
Handles for classic wooden door with jambs

handles for glass doors with jambs

Glass door closing kit
Handles for classic glass door with jambs

handles for syntesis sliding doors

Kit Cassiopea for sliding doors
Handles for Syntesis® Slide and Syntesis® Luce

handles for syntesis tech

Trap Doors
Handles for technical rooms Syntesis® Tech 

Multi-Slide Hardware Set


ceiling track

Multi-Slide Hardware Set
A new sliding system

For the installer


Joining kit
Makes a Single to a Double

Electrical boxes
Additional electrical boxes for Luce model and Syntesis® Luce model