How to install a pocket door

How to install pocket doors 

There are several types of pocket doors to satisfy the most different needs and uses. One of the advantages of installing a sliding pocket door which disappears inside the wall is that it allows to save useful space in your home.

For this reason, installing a pocket door means redesigning your living space, even when you have limited space available.


pocket door with architraves


Do you prefer a pocket door with architraves or a flush sliding door?

The sliding pocket door system are available both with or without architraves. It depends on the result you want to obtain.

counterframe with architraves


Ideal in traditional enviroments.


counterframe without architraves


Ideal in modern enviroments.


Do you need to mount an electrical system on the sliding pocket door box?

Counterframe wiring ready

In some cases, the lack of space forces the electrician to install an electrical system on the same wall in which a sliding pocket door slides. It happens more often than expected, especially in situations where all spaces are fully optimised.

Most frames available on the market are not compatible with this solution and you have to rely on uncomfortable and hardly feasible solutions.

ECLISSE Luce and ECLISSE Syntesis® Luce frames (the latter if you prefer a frameless solution) are designed to satisfy this particular need.

Mounting a sliding pocket door

Installing a new sliding door requires considerable precision, therefore we recommend entrusting the job to one of our authorised dealers.
You can find all assembly instructions in our technical support section.
The price to be paid for incorrect installation is potentially very high:

  • Malfunctioning of the door opening;

  • Rapid wear of the components;

  • Damages to the door.

How to install a pocket door with architraves

Step 1

Assemble the Pocket Header to the Central Vertical and Rear Vertical.

Step 2

Assemble the Pocket Horizontals securely on Central Verticals and Rear Verticals*.

Step 3

Insert the Styrofoam Spacers between the Pocket Horizontals (only for 2x6 and 2x6 Luce models).

Step 4

Fix the bracket at the bottom of the Central Verticals with screws (only for 2x6 and 2x6 Luce models).

Step 5

Insert the Top Beam with Track into the Pocket Header until it clicks into place and fix the Top Beam with Track to the Pocket Header using the screws.

Step 6

Insert the metal tongues at the Top Beam with Track into the slots at the top of the Metal Door Post.

Step 7

Using a hammer bend the metal tongues at the top of the Metal Door Post.

Step 8

Bend the ends of the Bracers backwards through 90 degrees and locate in the positions on Central Vertical and Metal Door Post.

*If you have to install a 2x6 Luce model, cut the Luce Kit at the required length and insert it into the pocket from the bottom (before step 3).

How to install a flush sliding door

flush sliding door

ECLISSE Syntesis® Collection is synonymous with flush with the wall – a solution that does not entail the use of jambs and architraves. Clean and refined lines that perfectly fit to modern and design-oriented contexts.

The installation conditions of a frame for flush sliding doors are the same as those applied to a frame with jambs and architraves.

What characterises a flush sliding pocket door system is the presence of elements that are pre-coated or filled with plaster and then ready to be painted.

Video tutorials

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