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When you have a limited space, customised furnishing solutions are often required. Sliding pocket doors are the ideal solution, since they disappear when they are open, without occupying any excessive space.

ECLISSE sliding pocket door
sliding pocket doors with jambs
ECLISSE sliding pocket door counterframe for stud wall

Why should you choose an ECLISSE frame kit?

The ECLISSE galvanized steel frame kit for stud walls consists of horizontal bars (3) and vertical reinforced bars (6), closed at the top by an header (1), where the track is installed.
The result is a sturdy and reliable structure.

Easy and quick installation

1. Easy and quick installation

Suitable pockets above the track and along the rear bar allow to fasten the frame to the studwork directly from inside the box. Even when the space is limited, the frame can be fixed in the most proper way.

Practicality and versatility

2. Practicality and versatility

The ECLISSE frame kit works with both metal and wood stud walls and is available for 2x4 wall and 2x6 walls.


3. Anti-bending

ECLISSE frames for stud walls consist of 8 or 10 pre-drilled horizontal bars (patented), made of galvanized metal sheet guaranteeing high resistance to lateral compression.

Vertical reinforced bars

4. Vertical reinforced bars

The vertical bars are made from galvanized steel with a double reinforcement fold for high bending resistance.

Great sturdiness

5. Great sturdiness

When laying the drywall, depending on the requirements, a single or double layer can be used. With the ECLISSE frame kit, an additional layer of drywall can be applied without altering the thickness of the finished wall. The wall will be even more solid and insulated.

Smooth sliding

6. Smooth sliding

The ECLISSE runners with ball bearings (certified) last longer and ensure smooth and silent sliding movements. The standard load-bearing capacity is 220 lbs per pair (330 lbs on request).

predrilled reinforcing horizontal bars

Pre-drilled reinforcing horizontal bars

- Patented No. US 11,499,309 / 11,761,202 - 

The ECLISSE pocket door systems for stud walls feature 8 or 10 x 0.7 mm thick reinforcing horizontal bars of galvanized sheet steel with an inverted swallowtail-shaped profile to ensure excellent resistance to lateral pressure. The bars are predrilled so that the drywall sheets in the stud wall can be attached easily.

Higher resistance

Our laboratory tests have shown that the ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems with open structure are more resistant to lateral bending compared to most products currently available on the market. This is essential to ensure that the correct sliding of the door.

ECLISSE stud wall counterframe robustness



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