Sliding pocket door system for single door



Technology and practicality in one product

Zero problems of space, endless creative possibilities

Suitable for all rooms of the house, it is perfect for bathrooms and closets but also for walk-in closets or hallways because it optimizes the available volumes, even when the sizes are limited.

counterframe for sliding pocket door
ECLISSE pocket door with jambs

The most adaptable system that you can imagine

ECLISSE Single is reliable, robust and adaptable to the most different needs. It is suitable both for refurbishment and new constructions.

"Custom" becomes standard

The synthesis of practicality and quality of ECLISSE systems.
A pocket door opens without taking up space, freeing the wall and without any hindrance to opening. Customizable in size, ECLISSE Single is the answer to any space requirements.

ECLISSE Single is available in KIT.

The kit frame is extremely compact to store, taking up no more than 10 ft2 for 50 units!
One kit can fit in a 2x4" and 2x6" thickness.

Packaging KIT: 5-1/2" x 91" x 4-3/8"


kit ECLISSE pocket door

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ECLISSE sliding pocket door systems


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What you should know

ECLISSE Single is supplied with passage lights ranging from 24" to 72" in width, and from 80" to 120" in height.

Installation video: assembly of the ECLISSE 2x4 frame KIT