Two single pocket doors into the same pocket

ECLISSE sliding pocket door system

Customized environments with a single solution

Optimize spaces for two sliding doors. How is it possible?

ECLISSE Unilateral is the solution that allows to opposite doors to slide into the same pocket. Thus, you have the chance to exploit even the tightest spaces: in the closing phase the doors take the space of a single wall.


Exploits the most confined spaces, such as hallways and entrances

When you need to maximize space with a single solution, the Unilateral model is the most indicated counterframe: it offers the possibility to connect two pocket doors with one pocket, for a functional stylish design.

ECLISSE sliding pocket door system
ECLISSE sliding pocket door system

Learn the benefits of Unilateral

  • Better usability of environments.

  • Total utilization of the available square footage.

  • More opportunity to furnish the spaces.

  • Leaves combined by a single counterframe.

  • Availability of adjustable measures.

  • Robustness for a longer life.




Perfect for when you have two parallel doors and a short wall space, the Unilateral kit allows you to create a Unilateral frame by connecting two ECLISSE Single 2x4 frame kits allow two opposite doors to slide into the same pocket. 

The Unilateral frame maximizes your usable floor space and frees up possibilities for your room layout, while requiring only a small amount of wall space for the pocket for the two doors.






Unilateral Kit