Counterframe for double door

ECLISSE double sliding pocket door system

Features and outstanding performances

Extraordinarily flexible

From intimate to open plan in one easy movement. The double sliding door system gives you flexible space creating the ideal modern living environment.

Multifunctional environments for your home

No more confined spaces! The Double pocket door system is the perfect way to open up two separate rooms into one big space. Now with the sliding openings you can think of two rooms as a wider living room dedicated to dinners with friends, and functioning, if necessary, as a children's playroom.  

ECLISSE double sliding door system with jambs
ECLISSE double sliding door system

Make room for creativity and new design layout

Double combines or separates two distinct environments with a simple gesture when necessary. ECLISSE gives you endless possibilities to transform your surroundings. 


What you have to know

To create an ECLISSE Double, you will need two ECLISSE Single frame kits and a joining kit. This system can be used with metal or wood stud walls.