Telescopic Single

Sliding pocket door system for two parallel doors disappearing into the same pocket



ECLISSE telescopic sliding pocket door system

Wide openings, minimum overall dimensions

The intelligent solution to use the available space

ECLISSE Telescopic accommodates two parallel sliding door into the same wall.
Ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, meeting rooms, it ensures the smallest footprint for a wide passage.
It provides continuity in space, creating open and bright environments.

When should you choose this product?

  • To enhance large openings.

  • In the presence of two large environments, without sacrificing the opportunity to separate them.

  • To let light pass between two adjacent rooms.

ECLISSE telescopic sliding pocket door system
ECLISSE telescopic sliding pocket door system

How does it work?

ECLISSE Telescopic Single accommodates two parallel sliding doors into the same wall pocket.
With just one gesture, the first door accompanies the second one to the full opening (or closing). The two rooms become a single wide, welcoming space.


What you should know

ECLISSE Telescopic is available in as Single version (2 doors sliding in 1 Direction) and Double version (2 couples of doors sliding in 2 opposite directions).

Available accessories for this system are the Telescopic sychronization and the soft closer ECLISSE BIAS.