Telescopic Synchronization

The system that simultaneously and harmoniously move two parallel sliding doors


The synchronization accessory designed for parallel sliding doors

The synchronization for telescopic doors allows the simultaneous and harmonious movement of the two door panels which slide in the same direction, gently and without tearing.
It can be installed directly to the door panel with no need to replace the track.

The accessory is available for both ECLISSE Telescopic Single and ECLISSE Telescopic Double.

Synchronisation system for two parallel doors
Synchronisation system for two parallel doors

How does it work?

A very safe device that ensures a simultaneous and smooth movement: the first door panel drags the second one and the two panels slide together.

  • Suitable only for wooden doors.
  • It can be combined with ECLISSE BIAS, that slows down and gently close door panels up to 55+55 lb, whereas it slows panels over 55+55 lb and up to 110+110 lbs.


  • The double door model requires 2 synchronization accessories and 2 ECLISSE BIAS dampers.