sistema porte acustiche scorrevoli

Acoustic solution for pocket doors

ECLISSE Acoustic solution for pocket sliding door

Acoustic sliding door. Silence has more space.

Acoustic solution for pocket doors

Frame, door and jambs for sound insulation. The ECLISSE pocket door system with high sound-proof perfomances reduces the noise through the rooms thanks to the activation of specific components that seal the entire door perimeter.

How does an acoustic pocket door work?

All the components that allow the sound insulation in a pocket door have been specifically designed to limit unwanted noises.

  • Acoustic door panel: the special panel stratigraphy ensures high sound-proof performances; 1-3/4" thick, it is supplied as a standard with the "acoustic kit" accessories.

  • Acoustic jambs already milled.

  • Gaskets and bumps that are activated when the door is closed, sealing the vertical parts of the door hole, preventing the sound to pass through.

  • Magnets: they grant an excellent closure of the door, keeping it tight to the closing door post.

  • Weatherstrip: they are activated when the door is closed, sealing the upper and lower perimeter of the door.


ECLISSE Acoustic 38 db: soundproof


Watch the video and find out how an acoustic pocket door works


ECLISSE Acoustic 38 db

Available Finishes

Acoustic 38 dB sliding door panel can be supplied in raw Tanganyika or lacquered RAL colours finishes and combined with 2x4 Single system, even if already installed.




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Available versions

ECLISSE Acoustic 38 dB is available in raw Tanganyika and lacquered RAL colors finishes.

2x4 wall thickness available, with DW from 24" to 36" and DH from 80" to 96". The acoustic system when is applied to the frames, reduces clear-passage size by 1/2".


Acoustic is born as a integrated system able to insulate two adjoining rooms by the noise, through the application of elemets created ad hoc.

Bottom and upper weatherstrips, jambs and architraves and magnets work together to allow an acoustic absorption suitable for your needs.

To complete the instalaltion we use the special multi-layer door panel with a thickness of 1-3/4".  It's supplied as standard and prepared for gaskets and the lock.

ECLISSE Acoustic KIT - magnets


ECLISSE Acoustic KIT - upper weatherstrip

Upper Weatherstrip

ECLISSE Acoustic KIT - bottom weatherstrip

Bottom Weatherstrip

ECLISSE Acoustic KIT - bumps



Noise abatement  38 dB (-1; -3).

Norms for the test UNI EN ISO 10140 - 2

Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and building elements - Part 2: Measurement of acoustic insulation by air.

Classification Norms UNI EN ISO 717 - 1

Evaluation of sound insulation in buildings and building elements - Part 1: Sound insulation by air.