Solutions for environments to be used by disabled people

ECLISSE solution for motorized rail lifting devices

Technology at the service of disabled people

The product variant of Single model

Hoist solution was born to be located in conjunction with motorized rail lifting devices for the handling and care of the person, benefiting from all the advantages offered by the choice of a pocket door.

No more architectural barriers

Hoist is a solution that allows to knock down the architectural barriers. The special conformation of the track and the crosspiece does not interfere with the passage of the lift, allowing at the same time the closing of the door.

ECLISSE solution for motorized rail lifting devices

What you should know

Hoist is realized starting from a minimum DW=36" (considering that the door panel protrudes by 4" to allow the application of the handle, the net passage size is 32").



ECLISSE solution for motorized rail lifting devices

ECLISSE against the barriers: the Hoist System

Every day many disabled people are hindered by barriers inside the buildings, Hoist system allows to overcome this limit according to their needs and habits.

A system of accessible infrastructures is an essensial element to allow individuals to get the autonomy and the means to pursue an active social life without limitations.