Circular Single

Counterframe for curved pocket door system

ECLISSE curved sliding pocket door system

Round walls? Why not?

With ECLISSE Circular you can place a curved pocket door in a non-linear surface. ECLISSE Circular was born for this reason: it hides a door even if the wall is curved, reinterpreting the traditional division of space.

A curved system tailored for you

Its sinuous lines soften the space segmentation and give the whole house a sophisticated look. ECLISSE Circular is a counterframe virtually customized according to the needs of each customer.

ECLISSE curved sliding pocket door system
ECLISSE curved sliding pocket door system

When should you choose this product?

Born to offer new solutions to instill harmony and elegance to a room, ECLISSE Circular allows to draw in a completely unexpected way a wall and consequently an entire room. ECLISSE Circular is also available for Double version to eclipse two opposite doors.


What you should know

The ECLISSE technology allows a 1-3/4” thick curved sliding door panel to slide in a curved track, using special double-wheel sliding runners, specially constructed to adapt their movement to any curve radius.