Circular Double

Counterframe for double curved pocket door system

ECLISSE curved double sliding pocket door system

Customized curved doors

The system of a great scenic effect

ECLISSE Circular Double allows to insert a double pocket door system inside a curved wall. The two door panels are opened with a similar effect to that of theatrical scenes, multiplying the surrounding space.

The charm of an unexpected area

Thinking outside the box allows for dynamic and original environments that previously seemed unattainable. Thanks to ECLISSE technology, curved walls can host two opposite door panels which can continue through the doorway without interruption.

ECLISSE curved double sliding pocket door system
ECLISSE curved double sliding pocket door system

When should you choose this product?

ECLISSE Circular Double is the solution that alone resolves an environment. With its large openings it defines and expands the same interior spaces with sinuosity and elegance. The high level of implementation is guaranteed by virtually customized processing.


What you should know

Two 1-3/4” thick sliding curved door panels are hosted in the pocket frame by means of double-wheel sliding carriages, specially made to slide inside the curved track and able to adapt their movement to any curvature radius.