Syntesis Slide Double

Sliding pocket door system for double door with no jambs and architraves

ECLISSE sliding pocket door system with no jambs nor architraves

A perfect aesthetic result

Designed to respond to the desires of modern interior design

ECLISSE Syntesis Slide Double is the counterframe without external finishes that hides two sliding pocket doors. This trim-less no-jamb system is fully integrated within the wall and allows the creation of an elegant and minimalist design.

Ideal for living areas, bedrooms and closets

Inspired by criteria of rigor and contemporary lines, ECLISSE Syntesis Slide Double is the perfect combination between technology and design: the full integration of the counterframe with the wall is ensured by special resin-coated profiles that run along the whole perimeter of the passage.

ECLISSE sliding pocket door system with no jambs
ECLISSE flush pocket door system

A robust and reliable counterframe

The frame is reinforced at key points to avoid strains that can cause cracks in the drywall. The vertical reinforced bars improves the strength of the pocket door by more than 40% in comparison with the preceding profiles, thus the risk of bending is considerably reduced.


What you should know

Resin-coated fr a better adhesion of the plaster, the pocket profiles, track holder and doorpost have an innovative edge design that allows for a crisp drywall finish right to the edge and into the return for a minimalist casing free appearance.

Installation videos: assembly of Syntesis Slide

Assembly of the ECLISSE Syntesis Slide kit

Installation of the door panel


NOTE: due to the construction and accident prevention requirements of the system, for sliding models ECLISSE recommends adjusting the door panel so that it protrudes 80 mm from the pocket when opened. If necessary, the adjustable door stop allows you to change the actual passage width. In order for the door to be fully retracted, the door guide milling must run along the entire lower side of the door panel.