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Syntesis Swing Single

Door frame for single hinged door flush with the wall



ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall hinged door

Flush doors with high customization

Total freedom to your interior design

ECLISSE Syntesis Swing is the solution that allows to install a hinged door without jambs that is flush-with-the-wall. With or without header, it grants a full integration between door panel, wall and ceiling.

Blend in or stand out?

Depending on your taste, the door can be painted in the same color as the wall and also to be hidden completely from the view or alternatively, the door panel can be lacquered or decorated with finishing or prints that put them in clear prominence until they become real design elements.


ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall hinged door


ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall hinged door

Systems characterized by minimal design and clean lines

The aesthetic and structural characteristics of ECLISSE Syntesis Swing are the perfect solution for a flush-to-wall swing door system. Using it with the ECLISSE Syntesis Slide and ECLISSE Syntesis Baseboard you get a consistent output characterized by linearity and clean lines.

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ECLISSE flush hinged door frame


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Try a different angle

ECLISSE Syntesis Swing Single can also be supplied with an inclined upper edge, the ideal solution for sloping ceilings, attics or under-stair closets. The frame can be realized with different angles, both with or without header.

ECLISSE Syntesis Swing Single with angled door is available only for pull version for solid and stud walls.

ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall hinged door with inclined header
ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall hinged door with inclined header
Electric strike for wooden hinged doors

Controlled opening

The electric strike for hinged door is an access control device that allows to open doors unlocking the lock via an electric impulse. The activation mechanism (magnetic card, pushbutton, etc.) is not included.

Note: cannot be used with frames already installed.

Not compatible with ECLISSE Syntesis Swing Double.


Silence has more space

The flush hinged door with acoustic performance

ECLISSE Syntesis Swing Single, is now also available complete with acoustic kit, a solution with certified noise reduction up to 33 dB.

What does the acoustic kit include?

Flush door with acoustic performance
ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall baseboard

Formal coherence and rigour with a flush-to-wall skirting

Flush-to-wall doors installed on ECLISSE Syntesis hinged and sliding frames can be combined with a flush-to-wall baseboard, thanks to a special aluminium profile that allows the skirting board to be fitted flush with the wall.
The result is minimalism, linearity and the absence of protrusions. Even along the stairs.

▶︎  ECLISSE Syntesis Baseboard

Formal coherence and rigor still, but with a twist

The illusion of a totally flush wall with a play of light and volumes that only appear when changing your point of view. You can have this combining ECLISSE Syntesis doors with ECLISSE Delta, the innovative inclined baseboard with tapered terminal elements.
The pure linearity of surfaces perfectly combined with a play of volumes.

▶︎  ECLISSE Delta

ECLISSE Delta - inclined baseboard with patented tapered terminals

What you should know

ECLISSE Syntesis Swing is designed to simplify the life of the installer so to get the best possible result. It comes with a plastic shield to prevent it from dirt or scratches at construction site and is provided with spacer panels to ensure perfect squaring of the frame.

ECLISSE Syntesis Swing concealed hinge

Installation video: assembly of ECLISSE Syntesis Swing

The acoustic kit for flush swing door

What the acoustic kit includes.

Soundproofing weatherstrip for flush door with acoustic performance


It is inserted into the bottom milling of the door panel and is adjustable in downward and tilt, for even pressure over the entire length.
The weatherstrip raises and lowers with every opening and closing of the hinged door.
The rounded, flexible shape envelops the gaps with precision.


Soundproofing gaskets for flush door with acoustic performance


Applied to the door, they seal it at the top and vertically. Linked to the bottom weatherstrip, the gaskets seal the entire door perimeter.


Soundproofing door panel for flush door with acoustic performance


The acoustic door panel is 1-3/4" thick and is supplied as standard with the necessary machining for the application of accessories. It is available in lacquered RAL colours or primer-coated, ready to be painted.
To guarantee acoustic performance, the locks that can be applied are the handle only, the handle with thumb-turn or the handle with cylinder lock.


The system includes special hardware with an additional gasket to support acoustic performance.