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Syntesis® Swing Single

Frame for hinged doors flush with the wall

ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall hinged door

Flush doors with high customization

ECLISSE Syntesis® Swing is the solution that allows to install a hinged door without jambs that is flush-with-the-wall; with or without header, it grants a fully integration between door panel, wall and ceiling.

Blend in or stand out?

Depending on your taste, the door can be painted in the same color as the wall and also to be hidden completely from the view or alternatively, the door panel can be lacquered or decorated with finishing or prints that put them in clear prominence until they become real design elements.


ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall hinged door


ECLISSE flush-to-the-wall hinged door

Systems characterized by minimal design and clean lines

The aesthetic and structural characteristics of ECLISSE Syntesis® Swing are the perfect solution for a flush-to-wall swing door system. Using it with the ECLISSE Syntesis® Slide and ECLISSE Syntesis® Baseboard you get a consistent output characterized by linearity and clean lines.


What you should know

ECLISSE Syntesis® Swing is designed to simplify the life of the installer so to get the best possible result. It comes with a plastic shield to prevent it from dirt or scratches at construction site and is provided with spacer panels to ensure perfect squaring of the frame.


ECLISSE Syntesis Line Battente concealed hinge