Syntesis® Baseboard

Flush baseboard

ECLISSE Syntesis profile for flush baseboard


Do you want the flush wall effect but you do not like the combination with traditional baseboards?

The furniture can be placed directly to the wall

ECLISSE Syntesis® Baseboard is designed to furnish the rooms in an elegant, modern and minimalist style. Unlike traditional baseboard, thanks to an assembly flush with the surface, ECLISSE Syntesis® Baseboard runs in line with the wall without protruding.

The ideal combination between the elements

ECLISSE Syntesis® Baseboard creates the perfect harmonious combination with models of the ECLISSE Syntesis® Collection. Both for the hinged and sliding versions, ECLISSE provides the terminal profiles to be fixed to the frame so as the baseboard can be built in flush with the wall.


ECLISSE Syntesis profile for flush baseboard
ECLISSE Syntesis joints for flush baseboard profile

A. Linear joint  B. Joint for internal corner  C. Joint for external corner  D. Joint for steps

Joints for baseboard

The prerogative of ECLISSE Syntesis® Baseboard is being perfectly linear and free of interruptions. This is made possible thanks to special components that join the linear profiles with internal and external corners, steps and terminal profiles near the openings.



What you should know

The ECLISSE Syntesis® Baseboard solution is performed before the plastering and laying the floor by preparing the groove for the baseboard and placing the special aluminum profiles which are drilled during the masonry construction.
ECLISSE Syntesis® Baseboard can be backlit with LED (LED not provided).