Accessories for sliding glass doors without jambs

Components to be installed on frameless glass doors


Glass is the real protagonist, ideal for giving breath and brightness to communicating rooms. Matter that furnishes without cluttering and fits into any environment with always harmonious results. Lightness and elegance. Because sliding glass doors can be a solution in multiple rooms of the house.

Clamps for sliding glass doors

Compression Clamps are to be used when you want to use frameless glass on the pocket door system. The Clamps are applied directly to the glass door as a compression fit application so no glass cut outs are required.

Available in brushed nickel finish.

clamp for sliding glass doors
brackets for sliding glass doors

Brackets for sliding glass doors

The bracket is an alternative to the Clamps and allows you to use frameless glass on the pocket door system. This application can handle a heavier door than the Compression Clamps. The brackets require two dovetail glass cut outs on the top of the glass door for installation.

Vitro: adapter for sliding glass doors

Vitro is a glass door adapter that is to be used with the ECLISSE Syntesis® Slide when using frameless glass. The Vitro system is comprised of:

  • stainless steel veil

  • stop jamb adaptor

  • brush holder made of aluminum coated with paintable PVC

Vitro Kit