ECLISSE Anti Slam - HD (ADA Compliant)

The ADA compliant device that closes the sliding door silently and effortlessly


Soft-closer which slows down the door
ADA compliant

ECLISSE Anti-Slam - Heavy Duty is a soft closer for sliding pocket door systems fully integrated inside the track and invisible from outside. Anti-Slam - HD is a mechanism equipped with an oil piston which slows down the door in both closing (a) and opening (b) phase.
Needs q.ty x2 for both functions.

It works with door panels up to 330 lbs.

  • Suitable for glass and wooden doors.
  • It can be installed with Self-Closing System and Double Doors Co-Ordination (the door panel protrude by ~2-3/8").

Meets ADA requirements: less than 5 lbs of pressure to open the door.

ADA compliant soft closer