Where can I find an ECLISSE DEALER near my home?

To find an ECLISSE Dealer near you please go to Contacts webpage or email us.

Where can I get support and buy an accessory or a spare part?

For assistance to purchase accessories or spare parts, contact your local ECLISSE dealer near you or email us.

How do I know the prices of the models?

To get pricing on ECLISSE products, contact us and we will put you in touch with your local ECLISSE dealer!

How are ECLISSE frame kits different than other pocket door systems in the market?

ECLISSE frame kits are far superior than other pocket door system in the market and offer feature that others cannot:

  • Extractable track- never have to break drywall to remove the track!
  • Frame is all galvanized steel- no wood, no warping
  • 12 year parts warranty - Product has been cycle tested to last this long
  • Accessories- different soft closers, self-closing make the function unique
  • Runner Kit- tested over 100,000 cycles. A difference from our runners to others is that everything is covered by durethan that helps to contain grease inside the ball bearing and prevent and avoid the dust
What are the delivery times?

Delivery times can vary according to the model, the resellers territorial distribution and their available stock. In-stock items typically ship out within 72 hours after an order is placed.

Can you buy curved pocket doors?

ECLISSE was the first company to market a frame kit which make it possible to use one or two curved doors. The model is called Circular and its practically artisan production allows highly customized creations, based on the door and to the needs of individual customers.

Do the frame kits come in just standard sizes or can be custom sizes be made?

We carry inventory on standard size frame kits for 2x4 and 2x6 walls.

Eclisse can also produce any custom frame kit size for any system we offer upon customer request along with shop drawing(s). Custom orders require signed shop drawings to get into production. Most custom systems have a production lead time 15-20 working days.

What warranties does ECLISSE offer for its products?

ECLISSE extends the warranty coverage to 12 years for:

  • Metal parts of the counterframe in galvanized steel.

  • Functionality and smoothness of its kit of carriages.

  • Integrity of the track made of anodized 6060 aluminum alloy (10 µm). 

For details about the ECLISSE warranty, see the Company section.




Technical Assistance & Warranty

Can I request catalogs, brochures and other informative material?

The catalogs, brochures, certificates, and other materials can be downloaded from the Catalog page and the Technical Support area of the website, or by sending a direct request to our email.

Can I order models in different sizes from those included in the catalog?

Yes, on request you can order pocket doors in different sizes and we can get shop drawings produced for you based on frame kit size you're looking for.

Does ECLISSE provide technical assistance on sites?

ECLISSE is a supply only company and does not carry out supervision and assistance on site.





What is the maximum frame kit size that can be produced?

For ECLISSE Single pocket doors, the maximum door width we can produce a frame for is 72" with a maximum door height 120".


Does the ECLISSE frame kits come with everything you need to install the system and is there any tips for installing?

The ECLISSE frame kit includes everything you will need to assemble the frame kit, runners and everything you need to hang the door you want to use on the system.

Helpful Tip: Install the frame at the finished floor vs the subfloor so you don't have to trim the door down later.

How can I apply light points and switches in the wall where I decided to install the pocket door?

ECLISSE Luce model is a frame that allows you to install a sliding door with light points or switches, thermostats, electrical, etc. in the same wall where the frame is placed. To do this, you will need to use our 2x6 wall Frame Kit with the add-on Luce Kit. You can have up to 2 Luce Kits per frame kit (1 on each side).

I've always had issues with other manufacturers pocket doors being loud with my doors hitting the side of the pocket and issues with the Runners. Will I have these issues with an ECLISSE pocket door?

The track on our system is on the top only and that's where the door is hung. On the bottom of the frame, there is a door guide that is included in the ECLISSE frame kits which you will mill out the bottom of your door for. This door guide guarantees that your door will be perfectly centered and keep your door from banging back and forth.

Our Runner Kit has been tested over 100,000 cycles.The material that covers the runners is durethan: PA 6 DURETHAN BKV 130. This type of durethan we use for our runners is a special one because inside we have glass fiber, which is a component that gives more rigidity to the material. There are two ball bearing (626 ZZ – 7 balls) and two galvanized knurled pivots 6x20.4. A difference from our runners to most of all others is that everything is covered by durethan that helps to contain the grease inside the ball bearing and prevent and avoid the dust.


Fun Fact: Since ECLISSE opened in 1989 no runners have been replaced for “natural use” (this give you the idea how good and strong are the runners)!

Some friends have used sliding doors in their house, but then the side walls of the boxes have flexed inwards and the doors cannot slide anymore.

ECLISSE frames are made with structural components and materials that ensure an undoubted robustness, which avoids any risk of deformations (concave or convex) of the box walls. The presence of 10 horizontal bars guarantee high resistance to lateral compression and effectively counteract the tensions caused by the plaster maturation. Moreover, the heavy galvanized steel structure, the upper metal crosspiece and the embossed metal sheet increase the rigidity of the frame.

I would like to close the bathroom with a sliding door. But I am afraid that over time moisture can corrode the metal structure of the counterframe. How can I do that?

ECLISSE has created a special pre-painted counterframe with three layers of protection (zinc plating, polyester and epoxy paints), specially designed for environments where there is a high humidity, such as bathrooms, saunas or pools. This model has also been scientifically tested to evaluate its corrosion resistance. It was placed for 240 hours in a salt mist chamber (humidity 95% and 5% Nacl) and has passed the test resulting absolutely unaffected, without undergoing the minimum oxidation.

I have the ECLISSE frame kit already installed and in use, am I still able to use any of the accessories?

ECLISSE frame kits come with a patented removable track so you can remove the track at any time without breaking drywall to change out the door or to install any of the add-on accessories we offer such as the ECLISSE BIAS (soft-closer) and ECLISSE BIAS DS (soft-open/soft-close).

I have wood stud walls, can I use the ECLISSE frame kit? What drywall do I need to use?

Yes, you can install the ECLISSE frame kit with wood or metal stud walls! You're able to use 5/8" or 1/2" drywall with our system so the decision is up to you!

What should I do if the door I would like to install a heavy door?

The standard runner kit that comes with our systems can handle a door up to 220lbs. For doors heavier than 220lbs, we offer a heavy duty runner kit that can handle a door from 220lbs up to 330lbs.
If you're looking at the Heavy Duty Runner Kit, make sure your door exceeds 220lbs to ensure it operates properly!

Can I install wood or laminate doors, glazed doors, glass doors in a pocket system?

You can use any door you want with our pocket door system. For 2x4 wall frame kits, you can use a door with a max door thickness of 1-3/4" and for 2x6 frame kits you can use a max door thickness of up to 2-1/2".
If you want to use a frameless glass door, you're able to use a glass door with a thickness of 3/8" up to 5/8". Also, you will need to purchase either our Compression Clamps or Brackets to be able to use frameless glass with our system.

Can I also have the motorized door?

Unfortunately, no we don't offer any motorized units to use with our pocket door hardware. We offer a variety of accessories that can be used with our frame kit and those include: Self Closing System, ECLISSE BIAS (soft-close), ECLISSE BIAS DS (soft-open/soft-close) and the Double Door Co-ordiantion kit for double pocket doors.

Can you adjust where you want the door to sit?

Yes, inside the track there is adjustable door stops. You can adjust the door stop to decide how far you want the door to protrude out or if you want the door to be flush with the wall.

How thick is the steel on the frame kit?

For the ECLISSE frame kits, the steel gauge is 0.7mm everywhere except the vertical bars which is 1.2mm.





I would use the sliding doors in the renovation of my house, but children are always so lively and I fear that they might bump and damage them.

ECLISSE counterframes ensure a robust and functional support to the sliding door, as evidenced by the success in a resistance test (break-in test harmonized with the UNI EN 1629: 2000) designed to simulate the most violent accidental impacts. Also, all of the pocket door systems offer an add-on optional Soft Closer that can be installed within the track to make sure you don't have anymore doors slamming in your house or fingers getting jammed.