Co-ordination Kit for Syntesis® Slide
simultaneous movement of two parallel sliding doors

Double door co-ordination for Syntesis®

Applicable to ECLISSE Syntesis® Slide Double and ECLISSE Syntesis® Luce Double models, this accessory allows you to open and close the two doors simultaneously by moving only one door at a time.

This accessory greatly increases functionality, especially for wide passage sizes.

Thanks to the extractable track, this system can also be installed in an already existing ECLISSE pocket door.


  • It can be installed to the above models with Door Widths=24"+24" up to 42"+42".

  • Only for wooden doors.

  • To be used in conjunction with the ECLISSE BIAS®.

  • With 55+55lb door panels, ECLISSE BIAS® slows down the movement and closes the door panels. For doors with a weight up to 110+110 lbs, the device only slows down the movement.

Co-ordination Kit for flush doors